Dr. Petra Vospernik


I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist and the founder of Vienna Praxis, a vibrant group practice with locations in the West Village and on the Upper West Side.

My treatment focus is on professionals and couples.

I offer individual therapy to professionals in highly demanding corporate jobs. My previous career in a competitive legal field offers an unparalleled degree of insight and understanding of today's corporate professonial culture.  

In couples therapy, I help couples regain the essential basis of a successful longterm relationship: a healthy balance between closeness and desire.  My expertise is based on core principles of psychodynamic and objects relations theory weaved together with the latest research in neuroscience and neuro-linguistic programming. 

Originally from Vienna, Austria, I earned my PhD in Clinical Psychology in New York and have trained and worked in multiple international settings, including The Tavistock Clinic (London, UK), The Cassel Hospital (Richmond, UK), Goethe University (Germany) as well as Lenox Hill and Mount Sinai hospitals (New York). 

Before becoming a clinical psychologist, I worked as Senior Legal Counsel at the European Central Bank. I hold a law degree from the University of Vienna and a graduate diploma in international relations from the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University. 

As an active Board member of the Freud Foundation US, I enjoy close ties to the Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna and have a lot of experience with bilingual clients, offering therapy in English and German.