Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.
- Sigmund Freud

Today’s advances in neuroscience have caught up with Freud’s original thesis. Science is now able to prove that our curiosity about ourselves is a built-in function of the brain we have. Even if we are not aware of it, we search for answers all the time. 

On the bright side this means that the more we get to know ourselves, the better lives we live. By the same token, difficult times, confusion or inner struggles are often expressions of parts of ourselves that we don't know very well.

A key element of my work is to help you become familiar and comfortable with multiple aspects of yourself, even if they seem contradictory at first. It will be a gentle journey of discovery. And you will be able to take your insights into the real world and pursue experiences you value, which in turn will help make you more natural, confident and successful.

Getting to know oneself can bring out excitement as well as shame. Thus, out of fear of facing this task, inertia often prevails and we remain paralyzed and stuck in the wrong place, the wrong relationship or the wrong job. 

My job is to skillfully guide you through this task. To be your guide on the voyage of self exploration. Years of clinical experience enable me to tailor my work to your individual needs and goals.

You deserve this work.